Roser Segura


My name is Roser Segura. Born in Barcelona in 1965, I live and work in Figueres, Catalonia. I began my artistic apprenticeship in 1983, at the Academia Aurea de drawing and painting in Figueres, and later, studied graphic design at the Escola Groc in Barcelona. From there, my learning continued on my own. I participated in some group exhibitions but for several years I was not interested in participating in exhibitions, I just wanted to focus on painting. I ran my own school-workshop from 2001 to 2011, and then returned to practice alone, always looking for my own voice, which I found in geometric abstraction, and which I hope will evolve over time.

Art Statement

My current main line of work, is based on intertwined geometric shapes, which I use as a simple, universal language, without the intention of explaining anything or revealing any hidden truth, I am only interested in the game with colors and colors. lines, and the sensations that may arouse the viewer. In my paintings I look for no logic, I understand the creation and also the contemplation of an abstract painting, as an experience that neglects rationalization, and opens the door to a more emotional and intuitive understanding.

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