Dagmar Maini grew up in the former Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic ) and moved to Australia 22 years ago.
Now she lives in Brisbane and makes her craft at home studio. Being self-taught woodworker since 2014 has allowed her to explore the craft and fine tune her skills.
Dagmar is interested in materials and design that are not traditionally associated with mass production and standards of perfection.
She works with few different mediums – wooden veneers, stone veneer and starting to implement Mother of pearl.
“Lots of Marquetry artist use a scroll saw, I do all my cuttings
by knife. Its more time consuming but it allows me to produce more detailed work”

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Art Statement

“….Dagmar believes a disturbing price is being paid by our current Western society to live in the most comfortable and convenient time in human history…”
Dagmar first twenty years experience of a simpler and yet rich way of living in then Communist Czechoslovakia, is in stark contrast to life for her now in 2019 Australia.
“…..necessities of our humanity are being forsaken as we accumulate and waste….”
Although life is very comfortable, essential qualities of resourceful, connected, imaginative, skilful living are being lost.
Fine craft has become and undervalued aspect of todays world. Dagmar wishes to reintroduce appreciation and awareness of quality craftsmanship to people around her and provoke any kind reaction.
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