I consider myself to be more of a self-taught artist mostly as my intention is to create freely and find my own space, techniques, materials and shapes, most of which I need to create from scratch.
My drive comes from the desire to externalize in a material form my own thoughts and mental images that I create and recreate in my mind, based on previous experiences, present passions and the desire to formulate a personal “matter” that can be longer lasting than my own existence.

Art Statement

My work is highly influenced by geometry, clean lines and powerful colors. The striking shapes of the painting-installations are achieved by custom made wooden frames which resemble origami (“The Bird / Spaceship”), anthropomorphic and zoomorphic beings (“The Pair”), as well as a certain repetition and multiplication of things (“The Grass” – an 11-piece installation) or decomposition of what we understand as being basic form, in other works.
What I am interested in conveying is a coherent conversion in a “hard copy” form of my ephemeral visual flashbacks of things he encountered during my lifetime.
As well as creating unique shapes, I wish the viewer or owner to (re-)create their own installations based on my work and be a part of it, juxtaposing the “pieces” in their own personal recomposition, since all my works may be placed or hanged in various positions and most of them are sets of works.

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