Nataša Gregorič, MFA (Master of Fine Arts) graduated in 2007 at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia / Academy of Fine Arts of Venice – Pictorialism through the Polaroid by prof. Guido Cecere. Children’s book illustrator – 33 books in Slovenian language, book cover at Lulu Inc. USA, Izdavačka kuća ALMA Serbia, etc. Recently publish (concept, illustration, story) the Art, Pedagogy and Cultural education Book for Children at Museum of Nova Gorica, Slovenia (Goriški muzej). Member of The Associations of Slovene Fine Artists Societies and Illustrator section and The Slovenian IBBY and The Association of Slovene Fine Artist – (North Primorska) present virtual gallery of works created during these days of isolation – Nataša Gregorič with 2 works: 1. Anam Cara 2. Paredolia: Angel Virgin of the Rock
Solo exhibition:
• Sanjati rdeče / Dream in Red, Hit Paviljon, Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 2009
• Pisanih 40 / Colorful 40, KUD KUSSA, Lokavec, Slovenia, 21.6. – 21.9.2019
• 2CV WORLD MEETING SAMOBOR, Samoborski muzej / Samobor museum, Croatia, 26.7. – 21.8.2019

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Art Statement

The solid academic structure of this Slovenian artist and the in-depth research of the most suitable medium led Nataša Gregorič to develop a very particular and very complex pictorial technique that allows her to express herself “under the impression of the impresissisti”. Responding with his own emotions and impressions to the action and spontaneous reaction of the medium, the artwork for Nataša becomes an interpersonal communication with the subject that is always the territory (from the Carso to the sea, Nature and the impression it leaves in us when you communicate with yourself) and with the end user of your work, the collector.
(Armonia degli opposti, mostra collettiva, La fondazione Mazzoleni, Portopiccolo, Trieste, Italy, 2019)

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