My works, through the eye of abstraction, attempt to capture the essence of the natural environment through thought and construction, and then the non-form, non-thought and deconstruction in action. The meaning of each work is metaphysical, symbolic and often iconic.
I paint outside in the bushland behind my house and work in rain or shine using the climate of the day to determine what media to work with. I feel connected to the natural environment and employ flexibility in relation to present conditions in terms of approach to imagery. The process is sometimes a battle where I have to resist the rigidity of the rules. Horizons dip, straight lines droop, and shapes fall away and so on. I deliberately skew symmetry to create a thread of discomfort – to interfere with ideas of how things should be.

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Art Statement

My images are direct and personal responses to what’s going on around me. Coastal environments are in my blood and this consistently emerges as a theme. They describe places that we can touch through seeing – places where we might exchange some energy in our encounters. And there are layers of meaning; the strife of life ends up in there in some unpredictable way.

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