Simone Bonnett is a mixed-media abstract artist based in the Oxfordshire countryside. Her background in design and marketing over two decades, as well as an art school education have stood her in good stead.

Originally hailing from Southern Africa, she has drawn on landscapes, colours and culture of her upbringing to bring a unique flavour to the artworks that she develops or the creative design projects that she drives. Moving countries and continents has also ensured that she distils that early influence through the lense of her current surroundings to create something entirely unique.

This year she will be focusing on more shows and collaborations, starting with Oxfordshire Art weeks which will be a studio tour and going on to do several UK based art fairs.

Art Statement

My process really echoes my personality with constant explorations into different techniques and finding new sources of inspiration. That’s how I stumbled on resin as a media and absolutely fell in love with it. It always starts with vivid acrylic or ink colour but relies on resin to add the depth and unpredictability that elevates an artwork. I get the inspiration for the colour from the landscapes and vistas that I see and it makes sense that they rearrange themselves back into accidental landscapes. Resin coupled with the wooden cradled boards feels like I’m creating a piece that is enduring and tactile. The medium also lends itself to versatility and compatibility with other media – my next exploration will be around adding other unusual elements.

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