My childhood was spent in Canada, Ireland and Uganda, and on my return to the UK I attended the West Surrey College of Art and Design, gaining a B.A.(Hons) in Textile Design, followed by City of Birmingham Polytechnic, where I gained an M.A. in Textile Design. I practised as a textile designer and illustrator for several years before concentrating on the development of my own ideas for paintings. I have exhibited my work widely in the UK and America, taking part in numerous exhibitions and some Art Fairs. I also deal with corporate clients through agencies, placing work on a rental or sales basis in work places and offices.

Art Statement

My work is informed and inspired by elements within the natural and built environment, exploring ways of conveying a sense of depth and form using abstract marks and gestures such as blocks of colour and lines. A range of materials and processes are used to make the work, and over time I have developed my own unique way of working. Ideas are initially planned or drawn out, but during the making process intuitive decisions are made and serendipitous ‘accidents’ are embraced due to the way they enhance the work or add an unexpected element. Materials used include screen printing, collage and acrylics. I have exhibited my work widely and have pieces in numerous private and corporate collections.

Exhibitions & Events

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