Sophie Mangelsen


Sophie Mangelsen was born in Berlin. She studied Psychology in Paris and Leipzig. Inspired by my professional experience as a psychotherapist, her work reflects conscious as well as unconscious paths of mind. “Having lived, painted and studied in Berlin, Paris and Leipzig, I am happy to have participated in shows around Europe and most recently in China.”

Art Statement

Mind ? Psyche ? Consciousness ?
Through my artwork, I depict the poles of human existence and perception, including the unconscious.
As an artist and psychologist, I express the plurality of the mind, the psyche, internal landscapes determined by harmony and dysharmony, balance and imbalance.
Inspired by that plurality, my work reflects an impulsive yet tranquil sense of being as well as conscious and unconscious paths of mind in a contemporary informal art style.
Through my art, perception is deconstructed, reduced to the essential and the fragments reassembled. Harmony and disharmony, balance and imbalance – inner landscapes of the complexity of the mind. In complementary and contrasting colours I travel through mountains of emotions. Characteristic are the tensions between contrasting colours and a return to organic, feminine forms.
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