Salvatore Esposito is an Italian artist, based in London, UK.
Experiencing various artistic fields as analogue, digital photography, video making and graphic art, Salvatore’s effort in his paintings is concentrated on mirroring back various aspects of post-modern urban life. The main theme in all his works is mainly based on daily life and that’s precisely where he gets the basic material of his paintings from.
Partial experiences:
2015 • Artistic Residency CICI Film Festival (V edition), Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily.
2013 • Selected by Live/Work Project- Bowarts, London, UK.
2013 • Participation in the exhibition “Donna, Madre Terra, Matrice”, Varese, Italy.
2012 • Participation in Annual Artistic Event “Fiera dell-arte”, Arezzo, Italy.
2007 • Painting Exhibition in “Pomigliano Jazz”. Pomigliano, Naples, Italy.
2005 • Painting Exhibition “che Mille Fiori sboccino”, Acerra, Naples, Italy.
1998 • Participation in Photographic Exhibition “Lauro Al bromuro d’argento”, Lauro di Nola, Naples, Italy.

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Art Statement

I’d like to define my practice as material/matter painting. It is a form of collage and mixed painting mediums. The idea is creating an overall image of today’s urban landscape, using the very same material and concepts that are utilized in Urban everyday architectural context.

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