My name is Rita Santa Martha, a proud Portuguese artist, born and living in Lisbon since ever.
Before sharing a more formal and detailed data concerning education and professional experience of my career, I star this chapter, sharing my story with you all, but starting from the end of it, from the present. And the reason why it’s because I find it more fulfilling concerning accomplishes in the artistic area, thus several happy moments. So here it is:
– Last September I finally got my own space to develop my artistic activity. I share the studio with 6 more Portuguese artists, all amazing people. They make this studio a better place to be.
– Another happy accomplish of this New Year was my website, an important tool to show my work to the world and, above all, to show my way of working. It is on propose I am referring this, because for me, it is very important to share the story behind each artwork and the different stages of the creative process; it is like a photo diary of each artwork. Still within my website, I can also share the way I start facing and developing the themes I choose for my artworks; I name it my “artist theme book” and it is no more and no less than the compilation of thoughts, phrases, inspiring photos, etc., that I will develop throughout my art. On my website you can have a better idea of all these.

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Art Statement

In my world of living art, I confess to having a special appeal for the graphic illustration of values and convictions, that are key to me as character building, such as Faith, Integrity, or visual or tactile sensations, which may arise from the observation of others, a detail of a fractured stone found in the street or even at the touch of an aging face.
I have a particular way of working each theme and I understand that this is fundamental in order to be able to obtain what for me is an effective result of the work: The construction of a book that I call “the artist’s theme book”. This is field work on color, textures, shapes, composition, and excerpts from motivational phrases; It is a book that I need to do in order to sharpen my intention and empty the mind before the moment of action, taking the blank canvas calmly and to enable newness to arrive.
Currently my main focus is on the use of acrylic painting, but I feel a great curiosity in progressing to other techniques, such as installations, sculpture and digital art.

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