Olivier Bourgin


Olivier Bourgin is a french collageartist and painter. He is an autodidact and started painting in his early adolescence. He was experimenting by using all types of paint available and by using different materials, such as silk, wood, canvas, etc. The theme has always been abstract…..his favourite way of painting is acrylic colour on wood by using a spatula (palette-knife).
In the late 70s Olivier had been attracted by a collage in a tiny artshop in Paris while walking around in the quarter “Les Halles”. Inspired and fascinated by this discovery, he began to create collages. He started covering papers completely with cut pieces and slowly but steady he advanced and tried other compositions and techniques like mixing different types of paper and cardboard and using paint and varnish. Creating collages is a real passion for him and the way to express himself. During the following years he had been exposing in several places, for example at ” Salon des Independants” at Grand Palais in Paris.
Olivier has got his own style but is still interested and fascinated by new possibilities to create collages and artworks in mixed media. He has never stopped experimenting and has recently been very engaged in practising tornposterart.

Art Statement

Composing collages means to me “entering” in my world. Painting means to me playing around with colours and forms. Both activities are existential for me, my equilibrration, to cope with life. When I started to create collages, I used photos which had attracted my attention. I transmitted the message of the photograper into my own by adding cut pieces and creating a new artwork. Durinig the years I utilized all sorts of materials, such as high gloss magazines, artbooks, newspaper or posters. Cutting pieces of existing pictures, what means to “destroy” and then splice the bits to a new destination is very attracting to me. When my paintings meet my collages in mixed media you can discover a new and different expression.

The fact being an autodidact bears for me the advantage of staying venturous and free in choice and not being restricted by an artistic education….

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