Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1973. Since 2003 he lives and works in San Sebastián, Spain.
Zumeta’s nephew With a Venezuelan father and a mother from San Sebastian, this double-origin artist has exhibited his works in Miami, Bilbao, Dublin, San Sebastián, Caracas …
He studied architecture and complemented his training with different workshops and courses in sculpture, painting, engraving, wax casting or jewelry.
Balliache work with materials found on the street or in nature, such as metal, wood, plastic, fabric …
His great ability to mix techniques gives him a wide range of expression. Balliache gets unique creations that transits between the intuitive and the organic.

Art Statement

In my painting I seek to explore in my life history, memories, places and personal moments that are transformed into universal human situations, told from my plastic universe. Family and my affections are my motivators. I am a mixture of cultures because of my Latin American and European origin. Where color and emotion are reflected in my work.

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