Art Statement

When I feel a strong emotion or passion from something I have experienced, I need an outlet for these feelings. Like eating when hungry, scratching an itch or sleeping when tired, I have the need to give shape and form to these feelings for others to see. My art is my diary, my record of feelings I cannot express with words. My hope is that when people see my work, it can change their mood for the better, changing any negative KI (or energy) to positive.

I work primarily with acrylics due to their fast dry times. I need to paint when my inspiration is strongest, and I am afraid those strong feelings will disappear if I wait. When I start a piece, I don’t have a final concept of what my work will look like. I let the feeling inside guide me, and after starting, I stand back and can see the forms showing up and looking back at me. I can then focus and draw out what will be the final image.

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