Born in Milan where she lives …
After completing his artistic studies, she won an Erasmus Scholarship (Tutor Arturo dell’Acqua Bella¬vitis- Design) in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Salamanca where she is constantly followed by Josè Manuel Prada Vega and Rafael Carralero and by the artist world famous Santiago Serrano.
In this period she took part in various competitions and collective exhibitions organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Salamanca. She moved to Madrid to be followed again by the painter Santiago Serrano, and exhibits her works in individual exhibitions in the most important Spanish galleries and at the same time also in Udine and Milan.
Her activity, in continuous ascent, leads her to exhibit in the principal Italian cities both in Collet active, flanked by famous painters that Individuals, always obtaining great consents.

Art Statement

1998 – First individual exhibit in de Los Devinos in Salamanca.
2000 – Individual exhibit in Juan de Villanueva di Aranjuez, sponsored by the Cultural Centre Isabel de Farnesio di Aranjuez.
2000 – Individual exhibit at Cappello in Udine.
2001 – Exhibit in the Galleria Internazionale in Milano.
2002 – Individual exhibit in the Galleria Eclectica in Madrid.
2002 – Nominated ‘Better Artist of the Year’ by the internal commission of the Cultural Centre Il Caleidoscopio di Mostolès in Madrid. Individual exhibit sponsored by the C.C. Il Caleidoscopio and inaugurated by the Ministry for Women of Spain.
2003 – Individual exhibit in Galleria Artemix in Madrid.
2006 – Participation to the Pordenone Fair with paintings in acrylic glass plate and covered with transparent resin.
2006 – Participation to the La Casa Moderna Fair in Udine with paintings in acrylic glass plate and covered with transparent resin.
2006 – Collective exhibit about Contemporaries ‘Cava la Cava’ in Raveo.
2007 – Exhibit titled the ‘Quadrivio’ presented in occasion of the yearly event Calendidonna in Udine.
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