Lau King, graduated from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, is a self-taught artist which discovers her interest of photography at early youth. Her eyes of beauty and adventurous souls made her capture different perspective of beauty in the world with deep emotional impression, combining photography with painting-like and spiritual freedom, And then she further develops her ability to create through other medium like digital media and painting, in order to explore more possibility of expression of her soulful sensation and inner world.

Art Statement

I connect to higher realm during my creation and every creation is soulful flow of bliss.
Beauty, as long as you can find it everywhere, photography and digital art is my unique expression of the world, through moving the three-dimensional world into color, lines, contrast, geometry and abstraction. Transcending ordinary to extraordinary art and dream, blurring the boundaries of photography and painting, as well as re-challenging the traditional aesthetics.

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