Laila Terra is a visual artist graduated from São Paulo University. She has works in important collections by Brazil and the world, such as the collection of the World Bank in Washington D.C, USA and MAM – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In recent years she had participated in important national and international exhibitions, among them, 7 Mercosul Biennial, Brazil; Fifth Annual Exhibition Award: Architecture Collection, Paris, France; Rumos Visual Arts 2008/2009 – Trilhas do Desejo – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Carnavalesque – wrestling with a mirror image created by others, World Bank Art Program “About Change”, Washington D.C, USA. From 2014 she dedicated herself to the construction of an atelier house, based aesthetically on the architect Mie Van de Rohe. The construction took three years and was built by the artist’s own hands. Currently lives and works in the city of Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil, o her modernist studio-house.

Art Statement

My research involves the production and constant technical confrontation about applications of the material, together with gaps and aesthetic relationships that the empty paper make me fill. Thus, how describing a production of art, subject to endless interference: the means, techniques, discoveries, and the instrumentalities of materials, experimentation and the artist himself?
The question is: how to relate the different singularities? If we imagine the chaos full of potential, how to relate them?
My last works were produced in series; just in an attempt to formalize an idea. Each fragment (print) is a result of the work process not yet completed. The series are constructed from the survey, questions and problems proposed. They seek the solution of problems in an effort to reach an answer, or find the “dark precursor”.
How to express without narrating? How to compose spaces without filling it with landscapes? How to announce the composition in the making of the work?

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