Austria-based artist Karin Czermak makes abstract paintings comprised of floating colors and overlapping shapes. Inspired by natural areas she creates atmospheric, expressive and poetic paintings that trace the sounds and dynamics of colors. Karin Czermak studied at the Univeristy of Applied Arts, Vienna at the Master Class for Painting, as well as at the University of Rovaniemi, Finland. She is further holding a Master Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology and a Bachelor Degree in Chinese Studies. Karin has been involved in cultural, humanitarian and educational projects worldwide. Her works have featured in exhibitions and publications at home and abroad.

Art Statement

My work is about the process of painting itself. I am interested in how shapes and colors overlap, complement and replace each other. I work in Acrylics so I can apply layer upon layer melting together, changing constantly and tracing the disappeared. For me, painting is an exciting process, an interchange between creating new things and reintegrating existing elements.

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