I´m a contemporary Portuguese artist. I have received some prizes. I talk about the world to the world. I represent places, meeting points, I share spaces and good energies.
2007 Práticas Artísticas Contemporâneas: DERIVAS, Universidade de Coimbra
2003 Curso de História da Arte Moderna e Contemporânea, pelo Professor e Crítico de Arte Dr. Fernando Pernes
2001 Licenciatura em Pintura ARCA – EUAC

Prémios / Distinções

2009 Menção Honrosa – IV Bienal de Coruche
2009 1º Prémio – Pintura Abel Manta
2008 2º Prémio – Pintura Abel Manta
2008 1º Prémio – I Bienal de Ansião
2007 3º Prémio – Pintura Abel Manta
2007 Menção Honrosa – Prémio de Pintura Thomaz de Mello
2005 3º Prémio de pintura – 1º Concurso de Pintura da Galeria Santa Clara
2005 Menção Honrosa – II Bienal de Mafra
2005 Menção Honrosa – II Bienal Prémio Joaquim Afonso Madeira
2001 3º Prémio de Cerâmica no Concurso – Artes Plásticas do IPL
2001 Menção Honrosa – Artes Plásticas do IPL
2000 Menção Honrosa – Prémio de Pintura Cofarbel
1999 Prémio Aquisição – Escola Secundária de Penacova

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Art Statement

What was your first experience with/discovery of art? What made you want to become an artist?
Art in my life came slowly. At the age of 9, I won a prize at school about the 25th April Revolution (1974). At that time I didn´t think much about that. When I was 13,14, 15 years old I was lucky and I met the painter Martins da Costa as my art teacher and I learnt a lot being his pupil. When you live in the countryside it is not easy to see exhibitions or other kind of art. Admiring a painting in the classroom was a great experience.
Are there any key themes, messages or theories behind your work?
I have always looked attentively at what sorrounds me. I talk about the world to the world about me and the others. It is like going into all homes without permition, transmiting serenity and creating good energies.
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Exhibitions & Events

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