Jana Štok lives and works in Sežana (Slovenia). She is a fashion designer and a stone design engineer by profession. She has been involved in amateur photography for almost a decade, and she has been painting for several years now. She expresses herself in various mediums. The painting surfaces that she creates are translucent and open to various mediums. She prefers working with acrylic paints in both painting and graphic art. She is particularly overwhelmed by the technique of monotype, by means of which she obtains just one impression which she afterwards combines and upgrades by means of collage applications. She uses her own art for collage elements, namely paintings, graphic prints and drawings. The artist considers collage as an infinitely interesting play of research, design, cutting, searching for correlations and combining. Her play, however, still needs to follow the rules of artistic syntax.

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Art Statement

Jana Štok is a sensitive follower of the outside world, its natural realities and local landscape particularities which she studies from the point of view of an artist aware of the role and power of artistic means of expression and of the meaning of personal, intimate experiences and perceptions of nature. Therefore, she frees herself from a mere vision of the world, but applies a research approach instead. Playfully and inquisitively original, she creates its radically transformed, minimalistic image, restricted to individual signs that form an abstracted image. In this image, the connection to the outside world is maintained by association of identifiable, metaphorical, or symbolic fragments.
Anamarija Stibilj Šajn

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