Ingela Wallgren Lindgren


Born and live in Sweden. 2016 Studies in Theology /religions and Jungianspsychology in University of Gävle. 180 hp. Sweden. 1998 Artschool, 2 years, Sweden. 1996 Artstudies course in 30 hp, Miduniversity, Sweden.
2012 – Gallery Galaxen – Sandvikens konsthall, solo, Sandviken, Sweden.
2012 – Gallery Granen, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
2008 – Gallery 8, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
2008 – Naturum gallery, solo, Borgsjö, Sweden.
2008 – SCA/headoffice gallery, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
05/06/07 – Artshows Collective. Sweden.
2005 – Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.
2002 – Gallery Strandpromenaden, Njurunda, Sweden.
2002 – Gallery Ljungan, Sundsvall, Sweden.
2002 – Kvissleby Bibliotek, solo, Njurunda, Sweden.
2001 – Swedish Railway Museum, Gallery, Gävle, Sweden.
2000 – Gallery Ljungan, Sundsvall, Sweden.
2000 – Gallery Blå Katten, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
1998 – Collective exhibitions for Human Rights, Sundsvall, Sweden.
1998 – Art Fair -98. Sundsvall, Sweden.

Art Statement

My work always start in a spiritually feeling and the painting is intuitive create. I like the silence when I paint but also I let the music inspires me. The moment I start to paint is specially but also when the painting begins to “talk to me” in the creative and spiritual process .
My two words I will describe my art is colorful and spirituellt received. I “follow the light” and I hope my art can express this belief.
In the nature I feel spirituality and this is a large source for my creations. I love the colors in all season and inspire me in my paintings.
The last years I have been study in theology and in psychology in university, and I am very interesting in this subjects. I have also study in art school in 2 years.

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