Ilaria is a creative female-tipe person born on the sea. Architect and Engineer graduated in 2003. She rans the stages of his degree in architecture and engineering to dedicate to an eclectic path characterized by continuous contaminations from the fashion world to architecture to graphics and design.
Rhythm, spirit, motion, balance, harmony define its stylistic code.
In fashion she has ranged in various roles. From the installations of the Politecnic of Milan to the creation of Textile patterns for various companies to the selection of students of Royal College of Art.
She worked on Mantero seta in Como with customers like Gucci, Valentino, Dolce e Gabbana, Polo Ralph Loren defining the best textile patterns adapted to the mood of the parades.
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Art Statement

Ilaria expresses her inner world, metaphor and subconscious mirror of present and future society. Not the latest artistic trends. She paints in abstract and synesthesia form: social impulses and metaphors as in subconscious impulses that summarize them in abstract code. The medium used, rulers, is a tool of emotional karate. It ordered and equilibrate hidden emotions as in a dynamic choreography. The dancers are points, lines, and simple geometric shapes. She approaches colors as a window into the human soul. Often the completely abstract portrait of a person’s spirit makes the person portrayed a person to recognize himself. It is not a method. It is empathy, spiritual connection. In addition to nature in all its forms, Balla and Kandinsky are referenced artists but it is the model of their paintings that teaches and not written theory. Such a son can carry on the father’s example by feeling it inside or feeling the fruit of psychic work.
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