Garikoitz C. Murua / Donostia-San Sebastian 1978
1994 is the starting point. The first works of Garikoitz C. Murua are part of a discovery, Graffiti. A culture born in the 70s in NY, which marks the development of a work closely related to movement, color experimentation, space intensity and new media.
Mixed cultures, symbols and geometry are the axis of this graffiti artist. A changing but constant study and approach to the possibilities of painting as a form of expression.
The street is a source of experimentation and inspiration. An open space of encounter between the artist, his work and the environment. Garikoitz develops his painting in the street as a fundamental form of his own work. Painting and its environment are one.
Since 2010, this artist has been creating a line of work that makes it possible to find an “independent” definition in abstract forms by the spectator himself. He aims to create intimate sensations that start from the creator, but that are transformed into the public’s own by observing his work. A dialogue between the undefined, aesthetics and movement.

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Art Statement

The street has been my source of inspiration, a constant resource in the artistic expression that have developed since 1994 and still in search. I’m always looking for the transmission of sensations, interacting with the elements.

The urban space is transformed with the rural environment and the encounter with nature, these are now fundamental in the composition of each new work.

The study of movement and its transformation inspire every work I do, in a new search for balance in aesthetic composition.

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