I used to draw and paint since I was a kid.
I’ve always been interested in art, having attended a high school in humanities, and in experimentation. Following the latter, I have pursued a formal education in psychology and neurosciences, and worked in scientific research.
At a later stage, as art was always part of all my spare time, I decided dedicate my time and energies to (mainly abstract) painting, thus approaching it in a professional way.
THE OTHER ART FAIR – London. Victoria House, Southampton Row, London, UK. 3-6 Oct 2019.
THE OTHER ART FAIR – London. West Handyside Canopy, King’s Cross, London, UK. 4-7 Jul 2019.
THE OTHER ART FAIR – London. The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK. 14-17 Mar 2019.
Art Shopping Paris. Carrousel du Louvre, 21st Edition, Paris, France. 19- 21 Oct. 2018.
Art Innsbruck, 22nd International Art Fair. Innsbruck, Austria. 25-28 Jan 2018. With QueenArtStudio (Padua, Italy).
Art Shopping Paris. Carrousel du Louvre, 20th Edition. 20-22 Oct 2017. With QueenArtStudio (Padua, Italy).
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Art Statement

Art is my antidote to fears of social homologation, insecurity and violence – it’s a precious chance to shape life around my own values, my personal way to feel and act free. I love to represent abstract landscapes: I figure my outdoor walks are the main source of inspiration, as retracing my steps, enjoying the lights, diving into the smallest details, allow me to find balance. Also, when I touch the bark of old trees I feel connected to earth and my perception of time expands, allowing calm feelings and a sense of perspective.
I often represent that peacefulness as cloudy areas merging into one another. To me that is a dialogue between land and sky; individual and society; man and nature; inner aspirations and external pressures; past choices and future projects. This undefined and moving space represents my chance to reach awareness, to affirm, to experiment and, ultimately, to fair and honest dialogue. By processing these apparently contrasting aspects, I find myself again and I’m able to keep growing.
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