Eco Pola (Ana Paula Portilla) Spanish-Mexican artist. Raised by a Cantabrian family, she lived among cows, between mountains and an actif volcano. She discovered her art vocation over planted fields, watching daily cow deliveries, tons of milk along colorful skies…
She moved to Paris where she developped most of her art career for the last 20 years.
She lives and works in the Riviera Maya since 2015.

Art Statement

EcoPola’s art work develops both in painting and in the creation of art installations with different techniques (realism, expressionism or textile art according to the expressive needs, as well as experimentations with diverse materials such as skin, pigments or natural fibers).
Her themes deal with feminine and sacred subjects, about the traces we leave in nature, about memory and the elements. Her work is very close to the intuitive, almost prehistoric and timeless impulses of our relationship with the world. She explores the vision next to smell and touch as wild and innate aspects of our creativity, and works of art with a notion of suspended time in relativity with our own body. She works on the concept of “Art Total” and explores the approach of time pictorially. She has collaborated with great music composers such as Gerard Pepe (NY composer) or recently with Mark Deutsch (creator of the unique Bazantar instrument, San Fco. Ca.).

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