David Carr (born 3rd June 1968) is an English born abstract painter living and working in France. He is most notable for his creation of the “The Celebrity Colour Challenge” which began in 2019. Celebrities from stage and screen, artists and musicians are asked to choose three colours from the paints in his studio and then, with only the addition of Black and White, he creates a piece of abstract art in his signature style.
Early Life
He was born in Woking, Surrey and was educated at Repton School in Derbyshire where he was awarded an Art Scholarship. He was trained in many styles of painting by tutors from The Slade School of Art, Wimbledon College and The Royal Academy before attending West Surrey College of Art and Design (now: The University Of Creative Arts) in Farnham Surrey.

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Art Statement

I like to create pictures where the viewer can lose themselves in an imagined world amongst colourful patterns, shapes and lines. My pictures are about feelings and emotion but not about me. My latest work is a series of paintings where I have left the choice of colour for other people to decide and have no idea of the shapes and lines i will draw until they have chosen those colours. I then think about, or even dream, a picture using these colours, and sketch anything that comes to mind until i have enough ideas to draw out the final piece.

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