Dan Goldberg is an American Abstract Painter. Born in California in 1956, he has traveled extensively throughout the United States, South America and Europe. It was during his time living in the American Southwest, with it’s constant changing moods of light, color, texture and movement that he began to formulate his ideas about contemporary painting. Taking nature as the source of his inspiration, he has developed over time a very personal visual abstract language incorporating the relationship between color, movement and texture to create an emotional visual experience.
The current body of works demonstrates his personal spiritual journey exploring the use of color, movement and texture.

Art Statement

I believe there is more to being an artist than just creating. This belief incorporates seeing, feeling and doing in a more humane and ethical way.
During my decade’s long career, I have been inspired by the truths of nature. Nature never lies. My role as an artist is to take those truths and interpret them in a personal and profound way through the dramatic use of color, movement and texture.
Oil paint with its rich and lush consistency allows me to explore and transform the canvas into a vibrant abstract language.
Artists who have had an impact on my work are Gerhard Richter, Howard Hodgkin, Mark Rothko, Franz Marc, Henri Matisse and Georgia O’Keefe.

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