Born in Cambridgeshire, Christine creates richly coloured and textured hand pulled limited edition and unique silkscreen prints and works on paper. She completed her Foundation Course at Cambridge School of Art, where she was chosen by the painter and printmaker Edward Bawden to receive the annual Printmaking Travel Award. Her love of screenprinting was ignited during her Degree Course in Printed Textiles at Loughborough College of Art.
Christine has worked as a fabric designer and printer and has also taught on Art Foundation Courses throughout the UK. Christine has exhibited in both group and solo shows for a number of years, and her work is in private collections in the UK and around the world. She regularly exhibits at Espacio Gallery in London, and is also a member of the Printmakers Council.
Some of Christine’s passions are travel (especially to India and Greece), the paintings and prints of Hans Hofmann and Albert Irvin, and the expressive use of colour.

Art Statement

I work mainly through the media of silkscreen printing, creating richly coloured and textured small edition and unique (one off) prints and works on paper.
Having been trained in textiles, experimentation with colour, shape and texture is something which comes naturally. I often combine print and collage, and also often include the use of text. Screenprinting in particular allows me to develop my distinctive style which involves over printing areas of flat colour with layers of textures and coloured marks.
My work explores the interaction of abstract shapes and colour relationships, contrasting controlled, regular elements of structure with looser and more irrational mark making. My inspiration is derived from my travels, to countries as diverse as India and Greece. My prints and works on paper are not representations of places, but contain elements from observation mixed with my own personal responses to create abstract compositions.

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