Catherine Guinot is a French-Canadian painter whose artwork presents a detailed and harmonious exploration of colors among other things.
She started to draw at the age of 2 and has never stopped since. In the meantime, his palette of tools is considerably enlarged.
Catherine is a colorist, photographer, painter and former sportswoman, who played at an advanced level.
She turned more to art after a serious accident. The act of constructing art through colors allowed her, from that moment onwards, to reconstruct herself and to fill her creations with her inner journeys.
She uses oil paint, various varnishes, pigments, ink… sometimes mixes them to create new aspects and expressions in her works.
She’s graduated from ENSAAMA and ENSAD schools of Arts in Paris.
She currently lives and work in Paris, shearing her time between Graphics, Design and Art.
The artist has exhibited her artwork worldwide, from New York to Seoul and Paris, in collective or solo exhibitions.

Art Statement

Even if her work seems very varied at first, it is united through the way the artist approaches color or subject matter. Her series of colored stripes reflect a story about light waves, a play on the declination of the pixel. The idea came when she was recovering after a serious sports accident. For a suspended time, she lives inside her elongated body, she observes her cells, tissues, flows, feels her fragile connections recovering. Halfway between hyper-consciousness and dream, gestures and colors are found and allow her to rebuild herself in vertical harmony.
Her abstract series of paintings illustrate dreams, visions and inner journeys that are reinterpreted on canvas in her compositions, which emphasis movement. Galactic landscapes and immersions are at the heart of her work. Mediums, supports and subjects dialogue, mingle and interfere, harmony or cacophony, she lets instinct take its beautiful part which sometimes guides her, sometimes limits her but always with the perspective of an experimentation, a pictorial exploration. Each style of painting by Catherine Guinot has its own story.

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