Canadian artist. Educated at U.B.C. in Vancouver and U. Victoria in Victoria, B.C. Plus, studies at N.S.C.A.D. in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and professional artist workshops in Nova Scotia and Quebec. An artist as a young adult, with many years spent teaching art to young people, Barbara has focused on abstract painting since the early 2000’s. Background work in art includes figure drawing and painting, landscape painting, collage, ceramics and digital image making.
Many group art show participations as well as single and dual shows. Online participation at Saatchiart, with sales to collectors in Europe and North America. (In: Sweden, England, New York City, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Chicago, Long Island, Vancouver, Calgary)

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Art Statement

My interest is the primal quality of paint. The direct expressive connection to one’s soul, to the conscious and unconscious mind, is within the freedom of painting. Movement, flow, and ideas spark changes and directions on the canvas. One canvas leads to the next. Like a conversation in material form. Nature’s elements and processes in colour subliminally informs the marks on the painted surface. Action and passion become the painting. Accumulated formal knowledge of painting, its processes and materiality is essential but the marks and swaths become experimental and unknown before finding themselves on the canvas.
All manner of influences such as: geography, geology, urbanity, human interaction, connection and feeling, rurality, and wilderness are submerged in many of the painted and drawn images. A formal background in figure drawing and painting seep into abstract images as felt memory. I continue to explore and paint the mystery that is existence with unbridled passion.

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