I studied sociology and only then art. I am an abstract painter. In my work, I try to capture what arises in my mind: thoughts, memories, dreams, fears. I’m not looking for beauty, I don’t want to judge ugliness. Not always what is generally valuable is valuable individually. For me, painting is a dialogue between an artist and a work. It’s a way of reflection. I listen to myself, I don’t impose on the artwork how to look perfect.

Art Statement

My work often deals with non-obvious, general issues. One of them is the constant pursuit of internal harmony. I am fascinated by philosophy. My painting reflects the differences between people that result from the way they view my paintings. They are not figurative compositions. This is a study in the field of symbolism and symptoms. Abstract painting always hides secrets, but also reveals many secrets.
All my creative activity can be described as improvement. I achieve the effect in painting through internal reflection. The essence of my artistic perception are external interactions in relation to the motives and intentions of creation.

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