I graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Painting, diploma in easel painting in the studio of prof. Krzysztof Wachowiak in 2000.
My path in painting is full of searching, finding new paths. I draw inspiration from the beautiful sides of life and nature. It allows me to enjoy life, find and explore its secrets and tell about it through art. Recently, it has developed into two parallel currents: realistic and abstract. Each painting method allows me to express something different, but also every is a way to rest before the other. They are joined by a specific formula of a dream, poetry, affirmation of the beauty of form and color.
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Art Statement

In my abstract works, I consider each painting as a separate world, a separate reality, that I discover and explore. I like using forms and shapes associated with nature. Forms similar to leaves, boats, stones, scales. Contours of known reality in an unknown world. I observe their interactions among forms and colors. They float in them and define this world, organize, or allow this world to define it.

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