Anja Stemmer is a German abstract artist whose lyrical paintings derive their power from a mix of untamed emotion, vibrant color, and layers of gestural brushstrokes.
She lives and works in Munich, Germany.
Stemmer has studied with German abstract painters Peter Tomschiczek, Peter Casagrande, and Jo Bukowski.
Stemmer has exhibited extensively in Germany, as well as in England, Denmark and Austria and her work has been featured in several contemporary art fairs, including Art Innsbruck, Leipzig Art Fair and others.

Art Statement

My current work is mostly non-representational. Correspondingly, my art making process is spontaneous. I often have more ideas of what I want to pursue and express than time to put it onto canvas or paper. Intentionally I let chaos, chance and serendipity take a seat in my studio and ask them to collaborate with me while I am working on my paintings. Gestural brushstrokes, subtle textures and vibrant colors characterize my work.
I am currently following up on two themes:
One idea is to paint the unseen – as an example I’m investigating artistically about the wind, a light breeze, a soft movement of air – noticeably only from the effect the movement has on items of the visible world, that are flaunting, waving, streaming…
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