At this time, I can only tell you that abstract painting using acrylic is my hobby and my passion. Colours, patterns and textures have been surrounding me for a long time. For many years I have been working in the field of fashion and I consider fashion and art to be very close to one another. For this reason, whenever I have free time, I submerge myself in the world of colours and embark on new journeys without leaving my home.

Art Statement

I’m painting with acrylic. I like the way it dries quickly and obeys my wishes.
I have always been fascinated by integration of paintings into interior. I have always been interested in how the right paining in the right place can elevate the whole interior to the next level, create one or another style, mood, story…
Painting is the journey of my thoughts, I embark on this journey whenever I get an opportunity. Those are stories told and held back, strokes that cover one another like memories of life. Some become pale when brighter, stronger ones appear, some remain in the memory forever.
Strokes are similar, some – barely perceptible, barely visible, others – strong, thick and bright. Each one shall witness their story, their memory in my paintings.

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