Born in Paris in 1987. Adrianna Boussac is a visual artist. She studied art in Paris end Rome. She has a Master on History and Esthetic of Art.
She made several exhibitions in Paris. She did a one-year art residency in Bogotá, Colombia where she also did three exhibitions.
Since almost two years she’s living and working in Marseille in south of France.

Art Statement

My plastic universe is made of mixtures of textures. I work with painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, performance… This possibility of juggling with techniques and materials gives me the sensation to express myself with a richer lexicon than if I only used one medium. The techniques combine between themselves bring me a huge liberty in my creation.

Knowing several foreign languages would be helping to understand the world better. Just like languages, the mixed media techniques are helping me to apprehend and express the world better.

My artistic work interrogates mediums, colors, esthetic, movements, body, figure, space, time and society.

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