He studied industrial design and painting. He practices easel painting, drawing and workshop graphics.
The artist travels between Prague, Krakow and Vienna. Changing the environment often expands his experience.
Adam is a synesthetist. Synesthesia consists in the fact that one sensory experience evokes another, e.g. sounds evoke color images, colors have their own flavors or cause tactile sensations. Adam reacts in a special way to sounds, which is why he often works with jazz musicians and presents his work during concerts.

Art Statement

My painting methodology is based on the interaction between paint and surface. The visual metaphor is to present the uniqueness of the expression of each form I use. I use surfaces with expressive structures to visually break up the image plane. In this way, I try to generate the illusion of space, allowing the viewer to experience the reflection of light at the same time. This method is to encourage the viewer to move and enter into a relationship with the image. Stimulates contemplation and interaction with every image.

I observe and react to how each combination of selected media behaves and interacts with each other. I am fascinated by technique and materials. I want to bring out the features of different materials in my works. I change the type, consistency and color of paint or ink, its location and volume, add various substances to the paint. In this way, selected media create their unique influence on the final work. this creates a continuous and variable dialogue with the recipient.

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